Roger J. Coenen, TU Delft
Design of a Lightweight and Durable Kite for Pumping Kite Power Generation
Pietro Faggiani, TU Delft
Pumping Kites Wind Farm
Rod Read, Windswept & Interesting
Open Hardware Opportunities
Luis Tiago Paiva, University of Porto
Mesh-Refinement Strategies for Optimal Control of Kite Power Systems
Diana Palacios, TU Delft
A Socio-Technical Approach and Future Proposal for AWE in the U.S.
Navaneetha Krishnan Rajan, TU Delft
FSI of Inflatable Kite Wings
Garrett Smith, Cosmica Spacelines S.A.S.
Wind Fisher: Autonomous Kite Towed Submarine for Airborne Wind Energy Capture and Storage
Max Polzin, ETH Zurich
Visual Motion Tracking for Estimation of Kite Dynamics
Roland Verheul, Rolokite
Structural optimization of a kite for ship propulsion
Rachel Leuthold, TU Delft
Multiple Wake Vortex Lattice Method for Airborne Wind Energy Membrane-Wing Kites
Christof Beaupoil,
Building an Online Community for Airborne Wind Energy and for you -
Michael E. Deaves, TU Delft
Reynolds-Average Navier-Stokes Analysis of Leading Edge Inflatable Kites
Pierre Benhaiem, FlygenKite
Rotating Reeling
Hannes Renzsch, Fluid Engineering Solutions GmbH & Co. KG
Challenges in Modelling of Membrane Structures
Bryan Franca, TU Delft
A Tool for Aerodynamic Analysis of Flexible Kites
Rijk de Rooij, TU Delft
Structural Modeling of Thin Membranes for Wind Energy Systems
Jurian Rademaker, QConcepts